24 Nov 2017Mont Marte
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How to Create Fluid Art

Creating the pouring Medium.

The pouring medium is made from:

1 Part of Mont Marte Acrylic Medium Gloss 3 Parts of Mont Marte PVA Craft glue 1.5 Parts of Water Half a tube of Retarder gel

Start by adding the PVA Craft Glue, In my case I have used 405 mls of PVA, 135 mls Acrylic Gloss Medium and 203 mls of cold water.

Once the medium has been mixed it should be the viscosity of pouring cream.

If a larger batch is required then the measurements could be increased as required. By the same token if a smaller batch was required then smaller measurements would be used.

Mixing the paint

The paint is mixed to the ratio of

1 Part Acrylic Paint :2 Parts Pouring Medium :1 Part Water.

It is best to use disposable cups to mix the paint in and use a wooden stirrer to amalgamate it. Add the paint first, then add the Pouring Medium followed lastly by the water. Once the paint has been mixed it should be the viscosity of pouring cream.

Mix up all the paint in separate cups prior to commencing the pour.

Option 1. Galaxy Pour.

In this pour we used a mixture of colours to suggest the various colours of space clouds. To create the pour first fill the cup with small amounts of the paint previously mixed with Pouring Medium. The order you use is not that important but some nice results are achieved if you pour the colours into the cup in colour groups: for example warm colours and then cool colours.

My order of colours is; Titanium White, Gold, Purple, Phthalo Blue, Cerulean Blue, Blue Crystal Glitter, Turquoise, Veridian, Light Green, Lemon Yellow, Glitter Gold, Orange, Rose Madder, Red Glitter. Repeat until the desired level. Once the pouring cup is filled hold the cup in your hand and lay the canvas face side down on top of the cup. Ensure the cup is relatively centralised. Hold the cup and the canvas tightly together and flip the canvas face side up. You can then gently lift the cup and release the paint.

Manipulate the paint around by tilting the canvas until it is covered.

Option 2. Autumn Pour

This pour uses the warm colours associated with Autumn as well as Turquoise because it compliments the Autumn colours so well. The colours are laid into the cup in the same way as the previous pour, only we spray a coat of cooking spray over the top of each layer of paint in the cup. Another layer of paint can be poured into the cup and so on until the cup is filled to the desired amount. The order of paint we used is: Gold, Rose Madder, Red Glitter, Copper, Orange, Gold Glitter, Lemon Yellow,, Turquoise, Lamp Black. Repeat. The pouring technique is the same as the previous pour.

Material List

  • Round Canvas Signature 50cm (19.7in)
  • Dimension Acrylic Premium 75ml (2.5 US fl.oz) Tube - Turquoise
  • Metallic Acrylic 50ml x 4pc
  • Acrylic Medium Premium - Gloss 135ml (4.6oz)
  • PVA Glue Signature 1kg
  • Acrylic Retarder Premium 75ml (2.5 us fl.oz)

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