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How to Paint a Rainbow Eucalyptus Tree

How to paint a Rainbow Eucalyptus Tree with Acrylic paint

Step1. Transferring the image onto paper

On page 7 there is an outline of the tree. From there we need to transfer the line work as accurately as we can with a graphite pencil. This could be done directly or by using the grid system to up size it.

Step 2. Adding the shadows

In this stage we apply shadows onto the tree. This will give the work some tonal shape. Mix some Phthalo Blue with some Paynes Grey in equal proportions and apply it to the tree with a medium sized filbert brush. Use clean water for the medium. Lay in the darkest areas first and then soften the edges with a damp brush. Let this dry.

Step 3. Tinting the canvas

Squeeze out some Medium Yellow and Yellow Ochre. Use a 75mm Wide Artists Taklon Brush and cover the entire canvas. Ensure enough water is mixed with the paint so that it is translucent enough that the shadow and Graphite line work can be seen.

Step 4. Glazing the tree

Squeeze out some Sap Green and a touch of Titanium White. Thin the paint with water so it’s relatively translucent. Using a medium filbert brush paint in the tree. Like the previous coat, ensure that any of the under painting can still be seen. In any areas of dark shadow add a little of the concentrated Sap Green and blend it out. This will add even more depth to the shadows.

Step 5. Adding the leaves

The leaves can be created in two stages. First create a mix from Paynes Grey and Sap Green in equal proportions. Use a small flat brush and block in the areas where the leaves are to go. Apply this with small strokes and build up the mass. Let this coat dry. Next create a mix from Sap Green, Medium Yellow, Yellow Ochre and a touch of Titanium White. Apply this next coat on top of the dark under base with a small filbert brush. Create small dabs of colour. Ensure you allow the underlayer to show through in spots. This will suggest shadow and depth in the mass of leaves.

Step 6. Painting the sky

The sky can be created with Pthalo Blue and Titanium White. These colours are from the Satin Series range. Mix these colours in equal proportions and lay it into the background. Use a large flat to block in the large areas and a smaller filbert for the close detail work. Bring the Blue into the leaves in parts and concentrate it more around the edge of each mass.

Step 7. Adding the rainbow bark.

Although there are specific colours of bark on the Rainbow Eucalypt, in a project like this, it’s okay to use a little bit of artistic licence with the colours you use. There are 22 true colours to choose from in the 24 piece Acrylic Paint Set, so squeeze out the ones that appeal to you and apply them in long stripes down the tree. For this step I found it easier to turn the canvas upside down and apply my stripes like that. Just ensure that the stripes thin and fade out to nothing when they reach the crown/limbs.

Step 8. Dry brushing the dappled light.

The best way to suggest dappled light in this case is to apply the light areas over the dark tones. The shadow accents are already laid in so we can concentrate on the highlights. Squeeze out some Titanium White with a touch of Lemon Yellow and mix them thoroughly. Charge the brush, then wipe the excess paint off onto a paper towel. With a very light touch, drag the brush over the areas in which the light would lie. Build this tone up slowly until you are happy with the effect.

Material List

  • Acrylic Paints Set Signature 24pc x 12ml (0.4 US fl.oz)
  • Drawing Set Signature 8pc
  • Artist Brush Premium Taklon Filbert 10
  • Plastic Brush Washer Signature
  • Acrylic Brushes Signature 5pc
  • Palette Knife Signature No.4

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