28 Apr 2022Mont Marte
Easy Less than 1hr Painting

Make an easy homemade Mother’s Day card

Brighten Mum’s Day with this easy homemade Mother’s Day card project. In this video, we’ll be showing you how to create a thoughtful, timely card for mum using watercolours. This project is super and simple and best of all, it doesn’t take long to make!

Draw a line in the middle of the page with graphite pencil. Watercolour paper works best for this.

Graphite pencil drawing a line in the middle of the page to create a card.

Dip into Yellow Ochre and create a gradient wash filling half of the page.

Yellow Ochre on a waterbrush painting half of a card.

Allow this to dry and then dip into the Pink colour and begin painting a spiral shape.

Waterbrush paints a pink spiral to create a rose shape flower.

Join the shape up and follow this step for the next three roses.

Pink watercolour paint on a paintbrush creates four spiral shapes onto a card.

Dip into Vermilion and add four more spiral shapes in between the pink.

Watercolour brush painting red spirals to create roses.

Dip back into the Pink and paint another spiral shape to finish.

Eight spiral shaped roses painted in pink and red on watercolour paper.

Grab a graphite pencil and begin drawing two diagonal lines to create the bottom of the bouquet.

Graphite pencil adds a traingle to create a bouquet for the roses.

Dip into Violet and paint four stripes of colour in sections of the bouquet.

Watercolour brush adds purple to create a coloured bouquet.

Allow these colours to completely dry and then grab some Leaf Green onto your brush and paint six leaf shapes.

Brush adds green watercolour paint to create leaves in a bouquet.

Leave to dry.

Finished artwork with a bunch of pink and red roses.

Once dry, fold your card in half, now it’s ready to be written in!

Finished watercolour card for Mother's Day with a bunch of pink and red roses.

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