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Make a Halloween pumpkin mask and devil horns

In this lesson we make some realistic devil horns and a pumpkin mask from plaster cloth wrap for a bit of Halloween fun.

Devil Horns

Step 1. Creating the shapes.

Take a 65 g block of Mont Marte Polymer Clay and fashion a cone shape and bend the end so it curves slightly. With a modelling tool create some vertical indents at the thick part of the horn. Now create the second shape also. Make a horizontal hole in the base of each sculpture for the cord.

Step 2. Baking

Bake the horns on suitable ovenware. If using Mont Marte Make n Bake Polymer Clay bake it for 30 minutes at 130 degrees. Allow to cool.

Step 3. Painting the horns.

Once you have made your horns you can paint them. If you want to paint them so they look realistic coat them first with a coat of Titanium White. While this is still wet, blend in some Umber into the base. If you would like to paint them so they are brighter, coat them in your chosen colour and let this dry. Then paint them with some glitter paint. Let this dry.

Step 4. Finishing.

Once the horns are dry. Thread a leather cord through the first horn and tie a knot on either side of the hole. do the same for the second horn and ensure that the knots between the horns are 65 mm apart.

Hint: The horns have been made with White Polymer clay but any colour clay could be used. The cord used in this case is jewellery cord but a leather shoe lace could also be used.

Pumpkin Mask

Step 1. Creating the plug.

The first thing we need to do is to create a plug on which to place our plaster wrap over. So take a garbage bag and fill it with a suitable packing material such as paper. I am using shredded paper but you could use torn newspaper too. Twist the bag and tape up the opening really tight. Then wrap some tape across the centre and around the garbage bag. Next wrap a length diagonally around the bag and then a third diagonal length of tape. Lastly cut the taped opening so that it is roughly 100 mm long..

Step 2. Applying the plaster wrap.

Applying the wrap is easy, just dip it into water and apply it over the plug. When you apply the plaster wrap ensure the strips overlap at the sides. Cover the stalk part of the plug first. Cut the lengths so they cover half the pumpkin, wait for this to dry then flip the pumpkin over and do the next side. One coat of plaster wrap is enough but if you want a really smooth coat give it a second layer.

Step 3. Painting.

Squeeze out some Silver Series Orange onto a palette and using a large flat brush, paint the entire mask. You will have to paint the top part first and then the bottom. Once this has dried and you can handle it, paint the stalk. Use Sap Green for this. Let this dry.

Step 4. Finishing.

Cut out the Black part of the mouth and nose on the image that can be found on the last page of the PDF. Paint the back side of the cut outs with Orange Silver Series Paint and position them. Let this dry and touch up any areas of Orange paint with Black paint. Let this dry. Next, position the eyes, use Blue Tac to hold them in position and draw a line around the areas with a marker. Cut these out with a hobby knife. Turn the pumpkin over and use the knife again to cut out a hole in the base large enough so the wearer's head will fit through it. Lastly, remove the plug from this hole that has just been created.

Material List

  • Plaster Cloth Wrap Signature 10cm x 4.6m (3.9in x 14.8ft)

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