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Make your own snow globe

In this lesson Joe creates a Snow Globe featuring a cute snowman. Mont Marte Make n Bake Polymer Clay is used and it's a really fun project. This project is Christmas themed but this idea could be used with any subject! So sit back and relax and hopefully you get inspired to create your own Snow Globe.

Step 1. Creating the base.

The first step is to provide a densely packed base for our snow man. Condition some White Clay and fashion it in a dome shape. Make sure the clay is packed tightly onto the lid and ensure there is no air in between the lid and the clay. This is important because any air will fill with water and compromise the adhesion of the sculpture. Once the base has been shaped test fit the jar to make sure it can still be screwed tight. The size of the jar used is up to the individual but whatever size jar you use, the lid MUST be metal, a plastic lid could melt in the baking step. The term conditioning means to manipulate and warm up the clay so it is malleable and easier to bond with other bits of clay.

Step 2. Creating the snowman.

Condition a block of White Clay. The snowman is relatively simple and is built up with a series of shapes. Start with the body; this could be described as a comma shape, start with a ball and fashion a teardrop shape and bend it. Attach this to the base facing it in and to one side. Next, create 2 long conicle shapes and attach them to either side of the body. Create 2 more conicle tubes and attach them to the body. These will be legs. Create two oval shapes and attach them to the bottom of the legs and smooth them on the legs. The last stage is the head. Create a ball for this and slightly flatten one end and elongate it. Insert a toothpick into the body through the neck ensuring 1/3 of it is exposed. Press the head onto the toothpick and smooth it onto the body.

Step 3. Adding the details.

For the details start with the ear muffs. Roll out a thin tube of Teal and lay it over the head and 1/4 of the way down each side of the head. Next create 2 balls and apply them to each side of the head from Teal also. For the hat press out a disk of Black then create a tube of Black and attach it to the disk. Then apply White stalagmites over the top of the hat. To create the scarf roll out a tube of Scarlet and then flatten it. Apply a length to the side of the neck fold it and cut it to size. Next, wrap a length around the neck and blend it in on the back. Take out some Orange and create a small cone shape, fashion some grooves into it and apply it into the appropriate area. Next, create 5 tiny balls and apply 2 for the eyes and 3 for the buttons. To create the present fashion a cube with the Green clay. Make the ribbons using the same method as the scarf and lay them over the present across each other. Fashion a bow and apply it to the top of the present then adhere it to the base in front of the snow man. In a lesson like this it is important to refer to the video as it is easier to comprehend. You will also note I have used a easy clean palette as a work surface. These are a very good base to create sculpture on as they don’t draw any moisture from the medium and they are easy to clean.


Step 4. Baking the clay and filling the globe.

Refer to the back of the packaging for the baking guidelines. After baking remove the sculpture and let it cool. To fill the globe first fill the jar with 1 tablespoon of silver glitter. I am using some glitter left over from a Mont Marte glitter art set. Then 3/4 fill the jar with water and give the glitter a good stir. Next apply pour.

Material List

  • Modelling Tools Signature 6pc
  • Make n Bake Polymer Clay Signature 60g (2.1oz) - Orange
  • Make n Bake Polymer Clay Signature 60g (2.1oz) - Scarlet
  • Make n Bake Polymer Clay Signature 60g (2.1oz) - Teal
  • Make n Bake Polymer Clay Signature 60g (2.1oz) - Basic Green

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