11 Apr 2024Mont Marte

Octopus drawing with gold leaf

Octopus outline

-    Use the provided rough shape of the octopus as a guide

-    Transfer the shape by shading the backside, flipping it over, and re-tracing the linework

-    Ink the outline using acrylic ink and a dip pen, building up detail gradually

-    Consider the light source and direction when shading your highlights and shadows


Using acrylic ink

-    Squeeze black ink into a palette or glass container

-    Mix with water to dilute as needed

-    Use a number 2 mop brush to apply ink from light to dark

-    Start with the head, painting light tones first and adding darker tones for shadows

-    Repeat this process for the tentacles, working from light to dark tones


How to apply gold leaf

-    Use a bowl as a template and draw a light pencil line around the octopus

-    Squeeze out Leafing Size into a palette

-    Apply it to the circle outside the octopus using your soft taklon brush

-    Once the size is dry (about 20 minutes), apply gold leaf sheet by sheet

-    Use a large soft brush to sweep away excess leaf


Finishing touches

-    Add details to any areas where the paper is still visible

-    Admire your finished octopus drawing with gold leaf embellishments – so shiny!

Thank you for following along. We hope you feel inspired to create your own artwork with Gold Leaf and Acrylic Ink!

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