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Paint an Easy Watercolour Landscape

How to paint an Easy landscape With Watercolour

Copyright of Mont International Pty Ltd The materials for this lesson can be found at a Gold or above Art Centre. Go to to find the one nearest to you. PMHS0027 Mont Marte Watercolour Paint Set 12x12ml MSB0065 Mont Marte A3Watercolour Pad 300gsm MPB0090 Mont Marte Traditional Mop Brush BMHS0014 Mont Marte Gallery Series Brush Set 4pce BMHS0008 Mont Marte Gallery Series Brush Set 6pce MAXX0019 Mont Marte Plastic Brush Washer MAPL0009 Mont Marte Airtight Watercolour Palette Also required: Water Tissues Materials Lis t . . .

We suggest using the 300gsm watercolour paper in this project. This paper needs to be stretched or at the very least taped on all 4 edges to the work surface. This is to minimise the paper buckling when a lot of water is applied. 1. Drawing up the scene Refer to the first image in the PDF and use a 2H pencil to transfer the image as faithfully as you can. Draw in the mountains first and then draw in the trunk of the tree followed by the mass of foliage over the tree. Ensure that the line work is relatively light. 2 Laying in the sky The first step is to mix up the sky colour. In this case Prussian Blue. Add a fair amount of water so that the mix is quite fluid but not so fluid that it is lacking in colour or weak when applied to the surface. Next dampen the area which is going to receive colour with clean water and a large brush. Charge the brush with the Prussian Blue Mix and lay it into the area. Ensure you don’t take any of the colour into the mountains. While this coat is still wet use a tissue to dab out colour in shapes to suggest clouds. 2 1

3. Laying in the mountains There are 3 sets of mountains. The thing to bear in mind is the further away the mountain range the lighter it will be. It will also take on the colour of the surrounding sky to an extent. For the furthest mountain range create a Light Grey from Black and Prussian Blue. Remember to leave some White areas on the top of this mountain range to suggest highlight areas. Darken the colour with a little Black and add some Yellow Ochre. Paint in the second mountain range in the same way as the first. Darken the mix 1 step more and paint in the third mountain range. Paint the whole mountain in this tone and let this coat dry. Re paint in the mountain, but leave some areas at the top of the mountain free of paint to suggest highlights. Darken the mix one more step and lay in shadow areas into the mountain ranges. Use a small flat brush to lay in the shadows as the shapes created from this tip shape are more realistic. 1 4. Laying in the banks There is three banks at the left in varying shades of Green. Like the mountain ranges the farther away they are in the scene, the lighter they would appear. Use straight Sap Green for this and paint in the top bank. Darken the mix with Prussian Blue and paint in the next bank. Darken the mix with Black and paint in the lowest closest bank. Due to this bank being the closest we suggest tree shapes along the profile. These can be created by a single vertical line and a series of convex lines on both sides of the line. The last step is to paint the foreground with Sap Green. Try to create some texture for added interest. 3 4 It is a good idea to test each new mix created on a spare sheet of paper the sa me kind you are using on the project before you commit to the main project.

5 5. Laying in the tree The tree closest to the viewer can be created by first painting in the trunk and boughs with Burnt Umber. Darken the mix and lay it into the right hand side and blend it into the Umber. Use the greens you have all ready mixed in the palette to lay in the foliage of the tree. It is best to use a mop brush to do this and ‘spot’ the colour on.

Material List

  • Airtight Watercolour Palette Premium 16 Slot Small
  • Watercolour Paints Signature 12pc x 12ml (0.41oz)
  • Plastic Brush Washer Signature
  • Acrylic Brushes Signature 4pc
  • Gallery Series Brush Set Acrylic 6pce
  • Watercolour Pad German Paper Premium A3 300gsm 12 Sheet

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