21 Mar 2022Mont Marte
Easy Less than 1hr Painting

Paint four seashells in watercolour

Dip into this simple watercolour project and follow along as we step you through how to create your very own watercolour seashells painting.

Whether you choose to frame your finished artwork and gift it to a friend, spruce up a bedroom or if you're just looking to have a play with watercolours, take some time out, and get creative with this fun project. 

Print out the outline of the shells and trace the shapes onto tracing paper with a graphite pencil.

Then use a fine liner pen and draw over the graphite.

Four seashells drawn over with graphite and then drawn on top with a fine liner pen.

Mix a beige with Chinese White, Burnt Sienna and a touch of Vermillion and paint this into the first shell, leaving a small area above the scalloping for highlights.

Mix in more Burnt Sienna to the mix and paint this onto the second shell.

A hand holding a water brush next to a watercolour palette, mixing in Burnt Sienna and painting this onto the second shell.

Grab paper towel and use it to remove the excess colour in a stripe. These two bands will be for highlights.

An in progress shot of an outline containing four seashells and two shells are painted with brown shadows in watercolours.

Dip into Gamboge and cover the third shell, then push and pull any puddles.

A hand holding a water brush painting the third seashell with a gamboge colour.

Blot four small areas toward the top for highlights while the paint is still wet.

An in progress shot of three seashells painted with watercolours and one outline remaining blank.

Dip into Gamboge for the fourth shell, pushing and pulling any puddles.

A watercolour palette next to four painted seashells, the bottom shell painted with Gamboge and the remaining with brown shadows.

Blot the shell using paper towel several times towards the top.

A hand blotting the forth sea shell with paper towel to remove watercolour and create shadows.

Mix Burnt Sienna with Gamboge and layer onto the first shell.

Man holding a watercolour brush next to a watercolour palette and adding brown highlights to sea shells.

Dip into Sienna and add darker bands of shadow to the top and middle.

Hand holding watercolour brush adding a darker band of brown watercolours to the second shell.

Use Sienna to continue to add in subtle shadows to the third shell around the middle, stretching out to the edges.

A hand holding a watercolour brush adds yellow watercolour for definition to the third shell.

Add Sienna to the fourth shell, towards the bottom.

A hand holding a watercolour brush adds sienna in watercolour for definition to the forth shell.

Build up a darker brown with Sienna and Burnt Umber and add subtle patterned splotches to the first shell.

A hand holding a watercolour brush adds spots to the first seashell using watercolour for detailing.

Use the same colour to add darker stripes for the second shell, leaving the white band exposed for highlights.

A hand holding a watercolour brush next to a watercolour palette and paper towel shows three near complete seashells.

Mix Sienna with a little Vermillion and add to the bottom of the third shell.

Sienna with Vermillion watercolours added to the bottom of the third seashell painting.

Push and pull any puddles and use a small piece of paper towel to absorb any excess water.

A hand holding a watercolourbrush and pushing and pulling watercolour puddles.

Use Burnt Umber and a touch of Vermillion to darken any areas you need to build dimension and add tone.

Burnt Umber and Vermillion watercolour added to the four seashells to darken areas.

Add any extra definition with straight Burnt Umber and any final shading.

Hand holding a watercolour brush adding final details to the second seashell.

All done! You're ready to show off your new masterpiece.

A complete shot of four watercolour seashells painted vertically underneath one another.

If you try this project, we'd love to see it! Snap a photo and #montmarteart or tag us on Instagram or Facebook @montmarteart.

Material List

  • PMHS0066 - Watercolour Set Premium 21pc
  • MSB0131 - Cotton Watercolour Paper Block Premium 300gsm A4 (11.7 x 8.3in) 12 Sheet
  • MMPM0025 - Graphic Fineliners Set Premium 7pc
  • MSB0017 - Tracing Paper Signature Pad 60gsm A4 40 Sheet

Extra Materials

  • A graphite pencil

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