23 Jan 2024Mont Marte
Mediums Painting Pouring

String pull art using a chain

1. Mix acrylic paint with glue

-   Mix equal parts Acrylic Paint, PVA Craft Glue, Acrylic Gloss Medium, and water

-   Repeat the process for your other chosen Acrylic Paint colours

-   Evenly spread the white mix on the surface


2. Chain painting

-   Dip your chain in another paint colour

-   Drape your chain in a curved line

-   Holding steady at one end of your canvas, slowly drag the chain off

-   Repeat the process across the canvas until you’re happy with the design


3. Abstract art with bright colours

-   Try dipping your chain in multiple colours for bright, colourful results

-   Once dipped, lay it onto the canvas and pull, watching the colours mix as the design unfolds

-   Layer the different colours for a modern, abstract style


4. Finishing touches

-   Leave your artwork to dry for 24hrs

-   Feel free to finish with a Varnish to help your colours pop!

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