08 Jun 2023Mont Marte

Guide to Mont Marte Art Centres

Whether it’s a sign in a window or you’ve spotted it on our stockist locator tool, you might have noticed our stockists are divided into levels. But what does that mean? In this guide, we’re breaking down our Mont Marte Art Centres so you can find the tools you need for your next project and discover a local stockist too!



1. Person shopping and smiling holding Mont Marte products in a shop with various Mont Marte products.

What’s an Art Centre?

Whatever your passion, whatever your level, we reckon every artist should have easy access to the art supplies they need. That’s why we created Mont Marte Art Centres and made them genuine art destinations.

We divided our Art Centres into four levels: Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze. Starting with the smallest range, Bronze, and moving up to the largest, Platinum, we hope this breakdown helps you find the tools you need, close by! 


Bronze Art Centres

Whether you’re starting out on your creative journey or looking to pick something up for your little artist, why not check out our Bronze Art Centres. These centres stock 140+ creative tools, spanning our painting, drawing, sculpting and craft ranges, so there’s always something exciting to discover.


2. An image of Bronze art centre Stacks Springfield's shop aisle with various Mont Marte products stacked on the shelves.

Pictured: Stacks Springfield


Silver Art Centres

Looking for something more? Head into one of our Silver Art Centre stockists. These centres stock more than 300 products across a bunch of ranges including painting, drawing, sculpting, and craft. Plus, you’ll find our much-loved single artist brushes in these stores too - it’s well worth checking out!


3. Mont Marte on shelves in Silver Art Centre, Mullum Instyle Living, Mullumbimby

Pictured: Mullum Instyle Living, Mullumbimby


Gold Art Centres

Step up and head into one of our Gold Art Centres. Here you’ll find 600+ products across our painting, drawing, sculpting, craft, and kids’ ranges. Whether you’re an advanced artist or getting better at what you do, you’ll uncover more of our Premium ranges in store as well. We’re talking oil paints, alcohol markers, and a selection of polymer clay, just to name a few.


4. Heavily stocked shelveas full of Mont Marte products at Gold Art Centre, Whats Hot store in Ipswich.

Pictured: What’s Hot, Ipswich


Platinum Art Centres

Looking for something in particular or just browsing the aisles to get inspired? We’re pretty sure professionals and beginners alike will love our Platinum Art Centres. These locations stock over 950 exciting products across loads of mediums like painting, drawing, sculpting, and crafting. You’ll also spot some top favourites in there too, like our single artist brushes, alcohol markers, and polymer clay.


5. Platinum art centre Art Shed Moorabbin's paint products looking like a candy store of Mont Marte art supplies.

Pictured: Art Shed, Moorabbin


No matter where you are on your creative journey, you should have the right tools to get started. Look out for our Art Centre icons the next time you’re browsing your local stockists, or drop by and say hi to one of our friendly stockists, they’d love to see you.

Looking for more? Check out our guide to Mont Marte Product Ranges where we explain our product levels or get involved and find out how you can become one of our stockists here.