20 Mar 2024Mont Marte

If you’re looking for arts and crafts to do with family, you’ve hit the jackpot! We’ve collected loads of inspiring ideas to keep you busy and level up your household’s artwork. Pick your fave and give it a go today.

Gingerbread drawing

1. @rainbow.heart.artroom colourful gingerbread house paper craft


Image: @rainbow.heart.artroom

Grab some Craft Paper, Oil Pastels, and a pair of scissors to create this woven gingerbread house! You can decorate it with your little artists, adding personal touches to represent each family member. Bonus – this gingerbread won’t expire, and you can bring it out every festive season!

3D paper fish craft



Follow this link to watch our tutorial and make these cute paper fish. It’s a simple activity to do as a family over the weekend or after school. Hang them up as decorations or give them as a gift to your loved ones for a unique, handmade present!

Ice cream paper craft

3. @wearethebusybees paper crafted yellow ice cream cone with pretend sprinkles


Image: @wearethebusybees

Next time you get a package, save the cardboard and DIY an ice cream cone! Everyone at home can make one – just stock up on Craft Paper and Glitter colours so you can create one of every flavour. Use them to play ice cream shop together to stimulate your little artist’s imagination.

Bouquet paper craft

4. @rainbow.heart.artroom crafted artwork bouquet of paper flowers being held by a hand


Image: @rainbow.heart.artroom

Work together as a household to create different paper plate flowers. Use Coloured Markers, Pencils, Paper, and Crayons to make the designs bright and unique. Once you’ve made a bunch, connect green stems to them and overlap the bouquet with a paper hand. Voila – your collective masterpiece is complete!

Paper craft jellyfish

5. @three_busy_boys pink paper craft of two jellyfish with smiling faces


Image: @three_busy_boys

Keep aside the cardboard box from your next online shopping spree for this fun family craft! Cut into jellyfish shapes and tentacles and add some Craft Paper for extra colours. Paint on fun designs and expressions to make them come to life!

Claude Monet for preschoolers

6. Simple Monet inspired painting with colourful paints and brushes surrounding


Anyone can paint like Monet – even little artists! Why not hold a family-friendly paint & sip night with some apple juice and sparkling water? Click here to follow along with our Monet-inspired kids painting project.

Easy paper mouse craft

7. @three_busy_boys paper craft of two mice holding cheese


Image: @three_busy_boys

This simple paper craft idea is great for all ages. Simply cut some Craft Paper into a triangle and curl the point over to make your mouse’s face. Glue on some googly eyes and cut some holes into cheese-coloured craft paper to decorate!

Monster toilet paper roll craft

8. @rainbow.heart.artroom cylindrical paper craft monsters with colourful decorations


Image: @rainbow.heart.artroom

Paint and draw on some paper with crazy lines, colours, and designs, wait until dry, and then wrap it around an old toilet paper roll. Add expressions and curly Craft Paper and just like that you’ve made a crazy monster! Try this one out with the whole fam and make an army of monster people.

Crafts to do with nature

9. 4 painted sticks in various sizes and colours


Image: @wearethebusybees

Get outdoors and create in nature by painting sticks! Grab some Acrylic Paint or Paint Pens, and see what patterns you come up with. These are great fillers to add into flower displays, or you can pretend they’re magic wands for imagination games.

Acrylic pour planets

10. Acrylic pour planet paintings on round canvases


Have a go at a family pouring project by following along with our handy art lesson. Make a family solar system by painting a planet each and displaying them on the wall. It’s a liberating art style, so grab some Pouring Paints and a Circle Canvas to have a go!

Paper collage house

11. @wearethebusybees collage paper house craft with a pine tree next to it


Image: @wearethebusybees

Keep crafting simple with an easy house collage. Grab some Watercolours and other Paints to bring your creation to life, then cut the pieces out and assemble on a fresh piece of paper. Make sure you use child-safe scissors or get adult help if the kids are crafting!



Fingers crossed you’ve found a new project to entertain the family. If you have a go at creating, #montmarteart or tag us @montmarteart on Instagram or Facebook to show us what you come up with! If you need more ideas, check out our Inspo collection.


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