10 Jun 2022Mont Marte
Budget-friendly Kids Playtime

Create a paper tube koi fish with craft paper

Get crafty with the kids and create a paper tube koi fish using craft paper! This is an easy and affordable project made with recycled and left over items from around the house, and your little artists will have a ball cutting and pasting until their colourful creations come to life.

To start, grab three layers of coloured paper and cut them into strips. Choose any colours that you like!

Fold the strips in half and cut. Remember, always be careful while using scissors!

Using small pieces of tape, attach sticky tape to each strip. Then secure the paper to the inside of the toilet paper roll.

Alternate colours and press on the inside of the tube to secure.

To add scales, grab three layers of coloured paper and cut them into thicker strips.

Use your scissors and a pencil to trace circles onto the paper.

Cut around all the circles.

Glue each circle to the toilet paper roll, alternating colours as you move around the roll.

It looks great to layer the scales too!

The pencil can help stick down any stubborn edges.

Give your fish a roll on the table to help press down the paper scales.

Then cut off any extra bits around the edge of the roll.

Finally, glue on a pair of googly eyes to each side, and you’re done!

Repeat the process and alternate colours or try using your own favourite colours. You could add some white paper scales to make your colours pop too!

Material List:

  • MMOKC0208 - Coloured Paper Pad A4 120 Sheets 70gsm
  • MACR0033 - Plant-Based Glue Sticks 2pce

Extra Materials:

  • Toilet paper rolls
  • Scissors
  • Sticky tape
  • Googly eyes

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