16 May 2023Mont Marte

Believe it or not, but ewe (sorry, we had to), would be surprised at how versatile sheep can be to paint! We’ve rounded up 16 watercolour sheep paintings to inspire your next artwork, so grab your boots and let’s head outside! 

1. Double trouble

A watercolour painting of two sheep faces next to one another.

Image: suzysharpeart

Two faces side-by-side not only look great, but they’re also a good way to explore symmetry, balance and composition in your animal watercolour artworks too.


2. Continuing lines

An abstract style watercolour of two sheep standing next to one another with continous lines.

Image: syman_kaye_art


Vary your linework and go for an abstract feel, with continuous lines or by experimenting with colours. We like how the legs of the sheep extend beyond the painting with this idea too. As always, don’t be afraid to colour outside of the lines!


3. Play with colours

A watercolour artwork of a sheep, painted in blue and green colours.

Image: artbyboon


We love this watercolour sheep painting because it reminds us to just to have fun with it! Whether it’s blue and greens, pink and purples, or oranges and reds, stand out among the flock and create something entirely new.


4. Little lamb

A watercolour painting of a lamb's face up close.

Image: vaughanpursellspanjer


Feeling creative but not sure where to start? Why not try painting a watercolour lamb? Start with a rough sketch, then reach for the masking fluid to keep your page white and try painting this little treasure.


5. Looking natural

A watercolour painting of a sheep gazing into the distance.

Image: anica_art

If you’ve been in a sheep paddock before, you’ll often see sheep lying down, standing under a tree for some shade, eating grass or gazing into the distance (what a life hey!). So why not add a bit of their natural environment to your watercolour sheep painting too and include their nonchalant looks.


6. Adding personality

A realistic watercolour painting of a sheep named Shannon.

Image: teresa_silvestri_artist

Meet “Shannon” the sheep! Of course, all sheep have their own personalities, and you can certainly add this into your animal watercolour paintings too. Experiment with walking stances, eye shapes, eye colours, mouth sizes and ear shapes and you’ll be well on your way to capturing woolly wonders like Shannon.


7. Try pencils too

A watercolour painting of two sheep with watercolour pencils laying next to the artwork.

Image: makisarthere


Add in those extra fine details with pencils! Whether you go for a mixed-media approach with coloured pencils or you try watercolour pencils, it’s a great way to add more texture to your watercolour sheep paintings. Never used watercolour pencils before? Or looking to try them again? Either way, check out our how-to video on how to use watercolour pencils.


8. Add more water for an abstract effect

A watercolour painting of a sheep created in a Jackson Pollock drip painting style.

Image: vaughanpursellspanjer


Use those watercolour drips to your advantage and create watercolour drip art. Add a little more water than usual and let the watercolour drip from the page for an abstract Jackson Pollock-style painting. Not sure how? Check out our watercolour techniques.

9. Capturing the scene

A watercolour painting of sheep in a green paddock with blue sky.

Image: emu.does.art


Don’t forget to add in a background to give more of that “country feel” to your artwork. Think green paddocks, rolling hills, farm gates and blue skies, they’re all great ways to add some more interest and detail to your watercolour sheep painting, like this idea which was inspired by a Karen Rice tutorial.


10. Adding details

A realistic watercolour artwork of two sheep on white paper.

Image: vaughanpursellspanjer


Techniques like drips and splatters are great for adding details in your animal watercolours and giving the feel of texture too. You can use an old brush or even a toothbrush and use the brush’s bristles to apply colour in a splatter effect. See this in action or read more about watercolour techniques here.


11. Adding colour

A watercolour sheep painting with a pruple wash background.

Image: alisha_watercolors



Coloured backgrounds can change the whole look and feel of an artwork. Whether it’s a purple wash like this idea, or you play around with a gradient for the sky, this can be a good way to add some creativity to your artwork.


12. Add character

A sheep watercolour painting of a sheep laying on green grass, holding a red umbrella.

Image: lindaofwindyoaks



Add something quirky to your artwork like this idea of a sheep holding an umbrella. These can be super fun to create and you can easily turn it into a birthday card or gift idea, so don’t be afraid to play around and see what you come up with!


13. Playing with shadows

A watercolour painting of three sheep in a green field.

Image: evajuusola


Just because it’s a watercolour sheep painting, doesn’t mean the page needs to be entirely white. Don’t forget to enhance your shadows and highlights too by dipping into tonal contrasts to suggest light.


14. A full face

A watercolour painting of a sheep portrait.

Image: wildatheartartshop



Feeling uninspired by portraits? Or just needing a break? Why not try a cute critter portrait like this sheep portrait. Add highlights and shadows to your art for extra interest.


15. Try large scale

A large scale watercolour artwork of a realistic sheep with hills in the background.

Image: loriehlke

Looking to switch things up a bit? Why not try creating a large scale artwork! Creating a large watercolour work will give you plenty of room to add details and explore your creativity.


16. Have some fun with it

16. A watercolour artwork of a sheep looking surprised with it's tongue poking out.

Image: graceobcreativespace 


Watercolour artworks make great gifts so why not create an animal watercolour painting with personality like this idea. Have some fun with expressions and give the gift of creativity to a family member or friend.


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