30 Nov 2023Mont Marte
Acrylic DIY Paint Pouring

Acrylic pouring techniques with cells using SuperCell Pouring Paint Sets

1. Set-up

Make sure you have your Super Cell Pouring Sets on hand; they're the key to your creative canvas. Give them a good shake with the lid firmly on before using.

Grab some 30 x 30cm canvases and don't forget some paper or plastic cups. Use one cup in each corner under your canvas to elevate it so your paint can run off the edges!

You’ll also need a cup to use for pouring!

If you happen to have a large offset palette knife, great! It comes in handy for some techniques. If not, a stiff card will do just fine.

For the travel pour method, you’ll need a water bottle cut in half with a hole poked in the lid.


2. Flip cup technique - Coral Reef Set:

Layer your paints in your pouring cup. Starting with White, add Fuchsia, then Bright Yellow, and then Turquoise. Repeat this sequence until the cup is full.

Gently place the canvas face down on top of the cup. Holding the paint-filled cup firmly to the canvas, quickly flip them both over and place the canvas back onto your elevation cups.

Lift the upside-down pouring cup off the canvas and watch the cells form as your paints combine and spread. Tilt the canvas so the paint reaches the edges.  


3. Dirty pour - Tropical Ocean Set:

In a cup, layer White, Turquoise, Hot Pink, and Navy Blue in that order. Repeat the sequence until your cup is full.

Pour the colour mixture onto the canvas and let your creative instincts guide you. Watch as your colours mingle and feel free to direct the flow of paint however you see fit.

Tilt the canvas so the paint reaches the edges.


4. Dutch pour technique – Tropical Ocean Set:

Start by applying a thin coat of Titanium White pouring paint to the canvas. You can use an offset palette knife or a piece of stiff card to spread the paint to the edges.

Pour turquoise into the centre of the canvas, watching as the paint spreads out in a circular shape. Add Hot Pink and then Navy Blue in the centre.

Thin down some White paint with water to achieve a milk-like consistency and pour it around the colourful circles.

Create beautiful petal shapes by blowing the white across the centre colours. We have our canvas elevated on a banding wheel for easy rotation, but you can work on a flat surface and move around it as well.


5. Flip cup technique – Galaxy Set:

Try creating another flip cup pour with the Galaxy Set. Keep in mind that a little goes a long way when using black; avoid overpowering the other colours.

Start with a little Black as the base colour in your cup, before layering Cadmium Red, Navy Blue, and Teal in that order. Repeat this sequence until the cup is full.

Place your canvas face-down on the full cup, before flipping both over while holding them together. Lift the cup off your canvas and watch the cells appear as the paint spreads.

Tilt your canvas to help the paint reach the edges.


6. Travel pour – Galaxy Set:

Cover half of your canvas with Black pouring paint at a diagonal angle so you have two triangle halves. Spread Teal over the other half.

Place your modified water bottle cap-side down onto the edge of your painting, where the two colours meet. Layer Red and Blue pouring paint inside the bottle.

Move and manipulate the bottle in between the Black and Teal base colours, watching as your vibrant Red and Blue paints make their way onto the canvas. It’s up to you how far into the Black and Teal halves you want to pour your bottle colours.


8. Swipe pour – Night Sky Set

Pour the Night Sky paint colours onto the canvas in diagonal lines. Add Black paint between these lines of colour.

With your offset palette knife or a clean stiff piece of card, swipe the Black into the colours to create striking contrast.

You’ll notice cells appearing as Black layers over the colours, adding extra dimension to your work.

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