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Create a space scene with acrylic paints

Learn about our Solar systen by painting it on a Canvas.

Step 1: The Sun and Background

Draw a simple crescent in the corner of the Canvas, this will be our sun. Then on the Round Plastic Palette mix 4 parts Black to 1 part Gloss Medium and paint the Canvas, leaving the sun free of paint. Allow that to dry before moving to the next step.

Step 2: Painting the Sun

Squeeze out equal proportions of Yellow and Vermillion in separate wells of the Round Plastic Palette. Then apply the Yellow thickly on to the sun entire, apply the Vermillion over this Yellow, roughly mixing on the Canvas. Try not to over mix the two colours. Allow that to dry before moving to the next step.

Step 3: Stars

Dip the end of a brush in to the Titanium White and dot it around the Canvas where you like. Then simply dip the brush in to the White and use your finger to flick the paint on to the canvas. This technique is called Spattering.

Step 4: Glowing Sun

To create a glow emanating from the Sun, mix 4 parts Gloss Medium to 2 parts Yellow and 1 part Vermillion. Paint this glaze around the sun and then use your finger to smear it around to create patterns.

Step 5: Making Planets

We will be creating the 9 planets on the A3 Sketchpad using the suggested templates which are provided on the last page of this document. Outline the circles with a Biro.

Step 6: Colouring in

We have provided a colour guide for each planet, just make sure after you colour your planet, shade 1 side with white and one side with Black. After you are finished colouring your planets cut them out either with Scissors or a Hobby knife.

Step 7: Sticking the Planets on the Canvas

Arrange your Planets on the Canvas, making sure they are in order then swirl a small amount of PVA Craft Glue on the back of each planet. Leave a gap around the edge so it does not ooze out. Then stick each Planet on to the Canvas. And there you have it, your own map of our solar system.

Material List

  • CCST6090 Single Thick Canvas Signature 60 x 90cm (23.6 x 35.4in)
  • PMSS0001 Satin Acrylic Primary Set 6 x 75ml (2.5 US fl.oz)
  • MAMD0001 Acrylic Medium Premium - Gloss 135ml (4.6 US fl.oz)
  • BMHS0030 Acrylic Brush Set Signature 11pc
  • AMPL00001 Round Plastic Palette Discovery 17cm (6.7in)
  • MSB0089 Hardbound Sketch Book Signature 110gsm A3
  • MMPT0004 Soft Pastels Signature 12 Colours
  • MACR0011 PVA Craft Glue Fine Tip 250g (8.81 US fl.oz)
  • MACR0004 Hobby Knife Set Signature 13pc

Extra Materials 

  • Black Biro 
  • Water 
  • Compact Disk 
  • 10c Coin 
  • 20c Coin 
  • 50c Coin 
  • Coffee Cup 

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