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Creating beads with polymer clay

In this lesson Joe creates 3 styles of beads with Make 'N' Bake Polymer Clay. This is a perfect introductory lesson on polymer clay jewelry and all the tools used in there creation can generally be found in any house. So grab some Mont Marte Make 'N' Bake Polymer Clay and let's get into it!

The Lace Bead

Step 1. Creating the base beads.

This step is required to be done for each of the beads. Roll out some Black clay using an aerosol can between 2 piles of copy paper, 10 sheets in each pile. Once the clay is the same height as the pile, take a lid and press it into the sheet to create 4 circles. Roll each of these circles into a ball in the palm of your hand and put them aside.

Step 2. Creating the cane.

Roll out more Black clay between the piles of paper again. With a credit card cut out a rectangle that measures 100 x 80 mm. Next, take some Teal clay and fashion a tube 100 mm long by about 15 mm thick. Place this Teal roll onto the Black clay sheet and roll the sheet around it. Cut off the excess where the Black clay meets. Roll the tube so that it is smooth and cut it in half, and halve it again. You should have 4 tubes. Next cut the roll into segments with the card about 5 mm thick.

Step 3 Applying the clay onto the base bead.

Take the segments and press them onto the base bead until the bead is covered. Finally roll the bead, between your hands until the surface is smooth.

The Jelly Roll Bead

Step 1. First create more base beads.

Next roll out a sheet of Crimson clay and then a sheet of Black clay. Do this between the 2 piles of copy paper. Cut a rectangle shape out of each sheet and lay the Crimson sheet onto the black sheet and roll the 2 sheets into a tube. Continue rolling out the tube until its about 1 cm in diameter. Cut the roll into segments about 5mm thick.

Step 2. Applying the clay onto the base bead.

Apply the segments onto the base bead as on the previous bead but ensure they are fitted as closely as they can. Roll the bead to make it smooth but roll very gently so the shapes don’t distort too much.

Zebra Bead

Step 1. First create more base beads. Roll out a sheet of Black clay with an aerosol can and a sheet of White clay the same way, between the 2 piles of copy paper. Lay the white sheet on top of the Black sheet and roll out any air bubbles. Cut a rectangle about 150 x 50 mm. Cut this into 3 equal proportions and lay them one on top of another. Give the sheets a roll. Place the block of clay on its side and cut sections about 5 mm thick.

Step 2. Applying the clay onto the base bead.

Cut the clay segments to a length a little longer than the diameter of the base bead and wrap it around one half of the bead. Now do the same on the second half. Ensure the White stripe corresponds with the Black stripe on the other segment. Once the bead is covered with clay, roll it into a smooth ball.



With Alfoil, create 4 tight balls about 10 cm in diameter. Next take a toothpick and make a hole through each bead and stick it into the ball of foil. Each ball will hold 4 beads. Do this for all of the beads. Follow the instructions on the packaging for baking the beads.

Hint: Polymer clay gets very sticky and for that reason it is essential to roll it out on a non porous surface. I have a silicone cookie sheet but a sheet of perspex or glass can be used also.

Material List

  • Make n Bake Polymer Clay Signature 60g (2.1oz) - Crimson
  • Make n Bake Polymer Clay Signature 60g (2.1oz) - Teal

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