31 Mar 2023Mont Marte
Craft Drawing Easy Kids Less than 1hr

Draw cartoon faces on Easter Eggs with acrylic paint pens

Go to Downloads to print the reference image for an outline to create each face. We’ve created four faces in the video, but there are sixteen on the outline you can give a go.

We’re using a dual tip acrylic paint pen to draw our faces. If you’re under 12, then you can use the 1mm pen from our graphic fineliner set or grab a marker from your favourite set at home.

Getting Started

Pop some blu-tak onto your surface to hold your egg in place. Gently stick your egg on the blu-tak.

Happy Face

Start with the nose because it’s in a central position, and then create the eyes. On a happy face, the eyes are open with eyebrows sloping down towards the outside. Add a curved line under the nose for the smile and add some little smile lines at each end of the curved line. Then, add a little curved chin line under the smile.

Mad Face

On our mad face, the main feature is the V-shaped brow. Draw a curved line in the shape of a soft V and add a small vertical line in the middle. Next, add the nose, then draw the eyes in between the nose and V-shape eyebrow. Dot in the pupils and add some small, curved feature creases to the bottom sides of the eyes. Under the nose, add a line that slopes downwards with a smaller line underneath that follows the same direction.

Sad Face

For the sad face, draw in sloped-down eyes and eyebrows parallel to each other and an upside-down ‘U’ shape for the nose. Next, add a turned-down, curved line for the mouth with a small horizontal line underneath.

Surprised Face

Start the surprised face with an upside down ‘U’ shape for the nose, followed by two touching circles and dot the pupils into each circle centre to give the appearance of open eyes. Add a set of raised eyebrows above the eyes and angle them sloping down. Also, add small lines on each side of the nose to show nose creases. Finish by adding an oval-shaped mouth with a small horizontal, curved line underneath for the chin, along with a sideways ‘L’ shape for the teeth, a ‘M’ shape for the tongue and add a black round shape above.  

Cheeky Face

The final face to try is the cheeky face. Get started by creating the nose and the cheeks and add a sideways ‘C’ shape for the nose with two diagonal curved lines on each side to show the under-eye creases. Draw in two oval-shaped eyes that sit on the under-eye creases and dot in a pupil in each circle’s centre. Add two short diagonal lines for the eyebrows. Next, draw a wide, curved line with two small horizontal lines at each end. To finish it all off, a ‘U’ shaped tongue, hanging off the centre of the mouth with a small vertical line.

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Extra materials:

  • Eggs
  • Blu-tak

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