07 Jun 2019Mont Marte
Easy Paint

Easy DIY fluid art: flip cup and puddle pour

Make stunning fluid art with this quick tutorial that anyone can try. And just to let you in on a little secret we've got an amazing pouring paint range!

Step 1. Filling the cup. or this first pour we’ll be using the flip cup technique. This means that we fill a cup with layers of pouring paint and flip the cup over onto the surface. For this project we’ll be using pouring paints from the Golden Beach 4 piece paint set. Give each bottle a good shake to amalgamate the paint and then layer the paint into the cup. Fill the cup almost to the brim.

Step 2. Flipping the cup.

Hold the cup and lay the painting board so that the face of the painting board sits on the cup. Turn the painting board back over holding the cup onto the board.

Gently lift the cup and slowly tilt the panel from side to side and allow the paint to work its way across the board. Once the board is fully covered lay it flat and allow it to dry.

Puddle Pour

Step 1

Filling the cups. 1) Fill each cup with the Light Blue, Pink, Bright Yellow, Titanium White, Coral, Navy, Dark Purple, Vermillion. I also created an Orange from Vermillion and Bright Yellow.

Step 2

Pour each colour onto the canvas from the centre outwards. Don't take the paint right to the edge of the canvas. Make each colour touch the one beside it.

Once all of the puddles are poured out gently tilt the canvas so the paint partially lends and covers the entire canvas.

Step 3 Manipulating the paint

In this step we move the paint around with the end of a paint brush handle. There aren't a lot of rules here as it is fairly intuitive. Use the handle to create fine lines and take colours into each other. You can also pour lines of colour over the existing paint to create interesting effects. Keep tilting the canvas ack and forward to spread the point around.

Material List

  • Pouring Acrylic Paint Set Premium 4pc x120ml (4.05oz) - Golden Beach
  • Pouring Acrylic Paint Premium 240ml (8.12oz) - Ultramarine Blue
  • Pouring Acrylic Paint Premium 240ml (8.12 US fl.oz) - Light Blue
  • Pouring Acrylic Paint Premium 240ml (8.12oz) - Cadmium Red
  • Pouring Acrylic Paint Premium 240ml (8.12 US fl.oz) - Hot Pink
  • Pouring Acrylic Paint Premium 240ml (8.12 US fl.oz) - Coral
  • Pouring Acrylic Paint Premium 240ml (8.12oz) - Bright Yellow
  • Pouring Acrylic Paint Premium 240ml (8.12oz) - Titanium White
  • Painting Board Premium 60.9 x 60.9cm (24 x 24in)
  • Double Thick Canvas Premium 60.9 x 76.2cm (24 x 30in)

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