08 Aug 2018Mont Marte
Kids Paint Playtime

How to Create a Drip Painting

Splash some paint around with the family and create a drip painting! Download the lesson PDF and material list below.

Step 1. Mixing the paint. This project is created on a 121x 91 cm Double Thick Canvas. Satin Series Acrylic paints are used throughout. Use disposable cups to mix the paint in and a disposable spoon to stir the paint. Although this project is quite simple, some care must be taken not to thin the paint out too much. So the paint drips freely a good ratio to mix the paint to is 1 part paint to1 part of water. This gives a viscosity similar to cream.

Step 2. Adding the paint.

Once you have all of your paints mixed up in cups, lay the canvas face up on the ground. Then it’s a simple case of dripping each colour onto the canvas. The more height you have between the spoon and the canvas the more splatter effect you will get. Splatter can add more interest. Leave the painting where it is and don’t touch it until it is totally dry.

The paint can become quite heavy so don’t concentrate too much of it onto the middle of the canvas or the rest of the paint can run toward the middle. If you want to apply lots and lots of paint you can prop up the middle of the canvas with some scrap fabric.

Material List

  • Double Thick Canvas Premium 91.4 x 121.8cm (36 x 48in)

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