08 Dec 2023Mont Marte
Holiday/Seasonal Home Sculpting and Modelling

How to make a polymer clay gingerbread house

1. Clay colour mixing

-   Break the yellow clay into 3 equal parts

-   Mix one part of yellow clay into each full block of Sienna clay

-   Knead each block until the clay is soft

-   Combine the three mixed blocks and knead together until uniform


2. Clay shaping

-   Roll out the combined clay until it's approximately 6mm thick

-   Ensure the clay is shaped like a square; trim round edges and add them to the corners if necessary


3. Clay cutting

-   Print and cut out the gingerbread house template

-   Lay the template over the rolled-out clay and cut each part with a craft knife

-   Cut in the windows in the front and side walls and cut an opening for the front door


4. Clay Texture

-   Roll aluminium foil into a ball and roll it over all surfaces for a gingerbread-like texture


5. Assembling the House

-   Lay the base of the house on the plate

-   Assemble the house by placing the rear part on first, then the sides, and finally the front

-   Gently press the walls together


6. Decorating the House

-   Use leftover clay to cut out a gingerbread man shape and place him at the front of the house

-   Make candy canes by rolling White and Red polymer clay into thin tubes, twisting them together

-   Cut them to size and press them on either side of the front door


7. Baking the House

-   Preheat the oven to 130°C (266°F)

-   Bake the assembled house for 30 minutes

-   Allow the baked house to cool


8. Adding the Roof

-   Cut the top edge of the roof s its angled to create a neat join

-   Bake the house with the roof for another 30 minutes

-   Allow the baked house to cool


9. Painting the Gingerbread Man and House

-   Decorate the gingerbread man with Chinese White, adding stripes on each arm and leg

-   Add the eyes, mouth, and buttons with the white paint

-   Paint a design on the front of the house and around the windows


10. Creating Icing Roof Details

-   Cut the bottom part of the paint tube off and snip a tiny part off the corner to pipe it on the roof

-   Gently squeeze out the paint and lay it on in tile shapes for a realistic icing-roof effect

-   Allow the paint to dry and admire your creation – you’re officially a gingerbread artist!

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