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How to make a paper mache tiger

In this video we show you the easy way to make a miniature paper mache tiger. All you need is some coloured paper, glue, paint and a paint brush!

This project requires extensive use of scissors. Precautions should be taken when using scissors at all times.

1. Creating the body.

Tear 4 pages out of the Coloured Paper Pad. Roll these into an oval shaped ball and tightly wrap it up with adhesive tape. Tear a couple of sheets out of the Colour Paper Pad. Using scissors, cut the sheet into strips that measure approximate 2cm wide. Next cut these strips across so that a series of squares are created. Cover the ball with Mont Marte PVA Glue and then apply the paper squares to the ball. Overlap each square a little over the previous one and continue with this until the ball is totally covered with paper. Give the ball a final coat of PVA Glue and let it dry until it is clear.

2. Creating the legs and tail.

Create a tight roll from a full sheet of Orange paper and run glue across the top with a paintbrush then finish off the roll and let it dry. This roll will be for the legs. Next create a tight roll from 1/4 of an orange sheet of paper, run glue across the top, finish off the roll and while the glue is still wet, put a small bend in it so it holds a curve when it dries. This roll will be for the tail.

3. Applying the legs and tail.

Cut the large roll into 4 x 2cm lengths. Cut one end at a slight angle as the legs will fit onto the roundish bottom underside better. Apply the legs to the bottom of the ball with 4 dollops of PVA glue. Once the legs are in the correct position sit the model on a flat surface and let it dry. The tail can be created by applying the little bent tube to the back of the ball with a dollop of glue. Let this dry. Once the legs and tail are dry apply more paper over the gaps where the legs and tail meet the body.

4. Adding the ears.

The ears can be created by drawing a triangle and then a rectangle under the bottom of the triangle onto Orange paper. Cut these out and fold the triangle at the base of the piece and glue the tabs onto the top of the ball nearer the front of the model. Add a little triangle of copy paper on the inside of each ear. Apply more paper over the tabs and let this all dry.

5. Painting the body.

The tiger is painted with Mont Marte Studio Acrylics in the following steps: 1) Paint the lower portion of the face to the belly and the inside of the legs with Titanium White. 2) With Lamp Black, paint in stripes across the back, around the tail and over the legs. Use a fine brush for this and thin the paint with a little water so that it flows nicely.

6. Painting the face.

The face can be created with the following steps: 1) Create a Pink from Titanium White and a touch of Scarlet and paint in the nose. 1) Use Lamp Black applied with a fine brush and paint in 2 little crescents under the nose for the mouth. 3) Add 2 little spots of Lamp Black for the eyes.

Material List

  • Coloured Paper Pad A4 120 Sheets 70gsm
  • Acrylic Colour Paint Signature 75ml (2.5 US fl.oz) - Titanium White
  • Acrylic Colour Paint Signature 75ml (2.5 US fl.oz) - Lamp Black
  • Gallery Series Brush Set Acrylic 4pce
  • PVA Craft Glue Fine Tip 250gm

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