17 Mar 2023Mont Marte
Acrylic Intermediate Paint

Paint a Greek landscape: Santorini in acrylics

The first step is to draw up the outline which we have provided under the Downloads tab.

Transfer the grid onto the canvas using the HB pencil and draw in the details. There’s no trick here, so just take your time until you’re happy with the outline.

Then, tint the surface of the canvas with a watery coat of Yellow Ochre applied with the sponge. If you can't see the drawing beneath the coat, add more water to the mix. Allow this to dry.

Create a light blue colour from Titanium White mixed with a touch of Phthalo Blue and paint in the sky area.

Mix a light brown tone from Yellow Ochre with a touch of Vermillion and Phthalo Blue. Paint in the distant islands.

After the islands are in, lay paint into the sea area using Phthalo Blue. Cut around the islands and buildings. Don't forget to lay this colour into any openings in the buildings.

Once the coat is dry, squeeze out some Titanium White and apply it to the left side of the buildings. This is because the light is emitting from the upper left corner. Any flat plains in the composition will also be flooded in full light.

Then darken the white mix with a touch of Phthalo Blue and Lamp Black. This colour can be laid into the middle areas adjacent to the white blocks of white.

Darken this mid-tone mix with some more Lamp Black to create a dark grey. Lay this tone into any areas of shadow such as behind the columns and walls.

This next mix is the darkest and is to be applied in the areas of deepest shadow like the back of buildings and any window openings that are positioned on the back of the buildings.

You can also use this colour to create stones in the path.

The domes can be painted in with Phthalo Blue and a touch of Titanium White. You can also paint the gates with this colour.

Mix a green colour out of Phthalo Blue with Medium Yellow and paint in the plants. Use this green tone to paint any patches of grass in the distant islands.

Dab some Vermillion to create the flowers. Then mix some Titanium White with Vermillion to make a terracotta colour for the pots.

Add any final details and then you’re all done!


  • CSST4050 Single Thick Canvas Signature 40 x 50cm: https://bit.ly/3JFc9rj 
  • BMHS0014 Acrylic Brushes Signature 4pc: https://bit.ly/3JgsqkY 
  • MSCH7501 Acrylic Colour Paint Signature 75ml - Titanium White: https://bit.ly/3ZNJR3s 
  • MSCH7504 Acrylic Colour Paint Signature 75ml - Medium Yellow: https://bit.ly/403uKTP 
  • MSCH7509 Acrylic Colour Paint Signature 75ml – Vermilion: https://bit.ly/3yEHOCT 
  • MSCH7520 Acrylic Colour Paint Signature 75ml - Phthalo Blue: https://bit.ly/3TiuNbE 
  • MSCH7505 Acrylic Colour Paint Signature 75ml - Yellow Ochre: https://bit.ly/3LldzZ5 
  • MSCH7532 Acrylic Colour Paint Signature 75ml - Lamp Black: https://bit.ly/3mWAZK7

Extra materials: 

  • Sponge 
  • HB pencil

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