01 Apr 2022Mont Marte
Easy Less than 1hr Paint Painting

Paint a rainbow abstract painting on a heart shaped canvas

Grab your paint brushes and create something from the heart with this abstract rainbow project. In this video, we’ll be showing you how to paint a rainbow abstract painting on a heart shaped canvas. This heart can be given as a beautiful gift or hung up to brighten a room in the home.

Begin by squeezing one of each warm colour from the set, onto the middle half of the canvas (start with the yellow, orange, red and pink).

Then add cool colours (purple, blue and green).

Grab a flat brush and begin fanning the colours out, spreading the paint to the edge of the canvas.

Wiping your brush on a piece of paper towel will help keep your brush clean. Keep spreading the paint out to the edges, wiping the brush as you work.

Subtly blend the colours together as you paint outwards, leaving a small gap in the middle for now and keep blending the colours.

Slowly work closer inward and keep wiping your brush to not muddy the colours.

Keep blending until each colour is smoothly transitioned into each other. Working closer to the centre, as you blend.

Using the edge of the brush subtly join any more colours together in the middle.

Add and blend one of each colour to the edges of the canvas.

All done!

Material List

  • Heart Canvas Signature 40 x 40cm (15.8 x 15.8in)
  • Acrylic Colour Paint Set Signature 24pc x 36ml (1.2 US fl.oz)

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