22 Dec 2023Mont Marte
Acrylic DIY Painting

Sunset ocean painting tutorial with acrylics

Horizon line painting

-    Place masking tape ¾ of the way up the canvas

-    Squeeze Scarlet, then Orange, then Yellow near the horizon

-    Use a sponge to spread the paint horizontally

-    Stop when the blend is smooth and let it dry

Painting a gradient

-    Lay Cobalt Blue across the top of the canvas

-    Add a little water and blend it into the Orange

How to paint the sun

-    Use a small round jar as a template for the sun

-    Circle it with Orange, fill it with White, let it dry, and then paint it with Yellow

Mountain silhouette painting

-    Lay mountains in with Scarlet with a touch of Phthalo Blue to darken the tone

-    Remove the masking tape and let it dry

Basic ocean painting

-    Lay masking tape across the horizon again

-    Lay in Cobalt Blue and work down the canvas

-    While wet, add Phthalo Blue and blend it up until it transitions into the pure Cobalt colour

-    Allow it to dry

Cloud painting technique

A person painting on a canvasDescription automatically generated

-    Create horizontal lines across the sky into the blue to create interest and suggest clouds

Easy way to paint waves

-    Lay horizontal wavy lines in Phthalo Blue

-    Make the lines smaller in the distance for perspective

-    Allow it to dry

Sunset painting reflection

-    Lay White where you want the reflection and let it dry

-    Glaze Yellow over the White, adding Orange and Scarlet for extra dimension

-    Allow it all to dry

-    Add Titanium White directly under the sun


There you have it! A stunning sunset canvas that captures the beauty of the horizon, mountains, and reflection on water. Enjoy your masterpiece and feel free to experiment with bold colours and techniques in your future paintings. Keep painting and have fun!

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