26 Jun 2024Mont Marte

Let your spirit free and create one of these boho art ideas! We’ve pulled together stacks of inspo from talented artists so you can make something liberating to complement your home décor. Let us know which ideas spark joy for you!

Blue ocean abstract art

@art.by.balpreet Abstract tide painting with textured off white paint over smooth blue


Image: @art.by.balpreet

Paint the tide with buckets of texture and soft pastel colours. This painting captures moving ocean foam with rippling white texture, using just two colours to create an abstract seascape. This is great for minimalist, beachy home décor, and simple to try out yourself using Modelling Paste and Acrylics.  

Cute simple clay ideas

4 white air dry clay projects against a white background


Image: Mont Marte Art

Check out our tutorial to create these simple Air Dry Clay projects. They’re easy to make and ideal for adding a boho vibe around the house. From trinket trays to planters, pick your fave project and have a go!

Thick paint brush stroke

@art.by.balpreet Textured scallop painting in white and blue shades


Image: @art.by.balpreet

Make a pattern by painting scallops like this artist! Start by picking a colour palette that suits your vibe. Similar shades will create a minimalist aesthetic and earthy tones will add a boho flair! Use a rounded Palette Knife or creative tool to apply scallops of each colour line by line, repeating the colour sequence as you move down the canvas. You may want to thicken your paints with Impasto or Modelling Paste for extra definition!

Shape painting

Colourful, abstract shape painting with leaves and circles


Image: The Artful Grimmer

Explore abstract shapes and painting by following along with The Artful Grimmer’s project lesson. Using Acrylic Colour Paints and our Broad Tip Acrylic Paint Pens, recreate this flowy, bold design with the feature colours around your home.

Script painting

@glenwildartstudio Daydreamer script on wooden framed canvas with stars and moon


Image: @glenwildartstudio

Practice your hand lettering by decorating a Framed Canvas with an inspiring word or phrase. Add some sketches around the letters to bring it to life – in this case, dreamy graphics emphasise the meaning. You may find Acrylic Paint Pens helpful so you have extra control while writing and drawing.

Geometric mountain

Geometric mountain drawing with parallel linework on a sketch journal


Image: Mont Marte Art

Sketch a nature-inspired mountain design by watching our lesson. The simple linework is great for creating depth without overcomplicating the artwork. Once you know the technique, try sketching other boho images!

Line texture

@art.by.balpreet Textured earth and green toned abstract arch painting


Image: @art.by.balpreet

Try using Texture Combs and other creative tools to scrape unique linework into your paint. This earthy colour palette feels nature-inspired, with the abstract arches adding to the organic vibes. Which colours would you pick?

Abstract landscape painting for beginners

Pastel abstract landscape painting with patterns and texture


Image: Mont Marte Art

Have a look at our tutorial to recreate the painting above! The pastel colour palette and abstract patterns create a bohemian feel - not to mention the shining sun overlooking a hilly landscape!

Palm tree artwork

Warm toned sunset colour palm tree landscape painting


Image: Kylie Jane

Explore rounded scenery and palm trees in Kylie Jane’s art lesson. We’d love to visit this beachy spot, so why not paint it, put it on the wall, and check it out every day? Kylie uses our Acrylic Pouring Paints to create the warm colour palette.

Craft with wooden hearts

@glenwildartstudio Painted wooden hearts in warm tones stuck in a wooden frame with bead handle


Image: @glenwildartstudio

Paint and frame some wooden hearts for a simple and cute boho decoration! The warm, harmonious colours complement each other nicely, with the beaded rope topping off the aesthetic. Try this with your fave colours and shapes to put your own spin on it!

Arch painting

Pink, purple, and gold arch painting


Image: Kylie Jane

Arches are a common theme in boho projects, so why not make your arch a rainbow? Kylie walks you through the pinky-gold colour theme in our how-to lesson, so follow along to learn more. You’ll just need some Acrylics and an open mind!



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